Nioh 2: How to Beat the Mezuki Boss Fight

Nioh 2: How to Beat the Mezuki Boss Fight

Here's how to beat the horse Yokai Mezuki at the end of the first mission, "The Village Of Cursed Blossoms".

The first mandatory boss of Nioh 2 is the horse-headed Yokai known as Mezuki, waiting at the end of The Village of Cursed Blossoms. We'll show you how to beat the Mezuki boss fight and beat the first mission here.

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How to Beat Mezuki in Nioh 2

Mezuki isn't the toughest boss in the first level - that's still Gozuki, encountered earlier on - but Mezuki is mandatory if you want to move on, a lumbering horse demon that can drag the area into the Yokai realm.

The large arena gives you space to move around Mezuki's wild swings and attacks. | Joel Franey, USgamer, Koei Tecmo Games/Team Ninja/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Mezuki Boss Weaknesses and Strategy

Mezuki is tough, but not unbeatable. We've outlined a series of useful tricks and exploitable weaknesses you can use to bring him down easily.

  • Mezuki's attacks are slow, but deal significant damage. Focus on defensive fighting, mainly dodges and evasion rather than blocking. He telegraphs a lot of his attacks, so watch him carefully and back away if he seems ready to swing his club.
  • His ranged attacks - spitting homing ghosts and throwing rocks - are evaded easily enough by just sprinting to the left or right. Just make sure you have some Ki left over in case he tries a follow-up attack.
  • If you stay at a distance, he'll try to charge you. This attack, as well as a weapon slam, can both be Burst Countered.
  • Mezuki doesn't have a huge amount of Ki and becomes pretty easy to stagger if you have the right weapons, especially in the latter half of the fight. Equip a powerful weapon like an Axe, Hammer or Odachi, swap between low and high stance for a mix of dodging and heavy strikes, and remember to use your Ki Burst at every opportunity - you don't want to be a sitting duck when he makes one of his attacks.
  • About halfway through the fight, Mezuki will drag you both into the Yokai/Dark realm, heavily reducing your Ki regeneration speed and empowering some of his attacks. This also gives him some new moves, such as a ranged energy attack done by swinging the sword. Now is the time to turn into a Yokai if you can and power through it - this realm will fade back to normal eventually and you can carry on.

Rewards for Beating Mezuki

Rewards shouldn't be your primary concern, considering you have to beat Mezuki to finish the level. Still, you'll get some nice treats for it - a good amount of Amrita, a selection of random equipment and weapons, as well as the Mezuki Soul Core, which'll allow you to do a massive club attack when equipped.

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