Nioh 2 Revealed at E3 2018

Nioh 2 Revealed at E3 2018

Team Ninja is back with Nioh 2, announced at Sony's E3 2018 show.

Nioh, the surprise samurai action game from 2016, is getting a sequel. Nioh 2 was revealed at Sony's E3 2018, yesterday on June 11.

You can see the brief trailer, which announced surprise sequel at Sony's E3 2018 show, just below. It looks like protagonist William won't be returning for the sequel, and we'll be taking on the role of a native Japanese character.

Right now we don't know anything about Nioh 2, but it looks as though demons will once again be a very active part of the game. In fact, it even looks like you can temporarily turn into a demon, if the E3 teaser trailer for the sequel is teasing what the final game will include.

Right now there's no release window for Nioh 2. We can assume that the sequel is still a console exclusive to PlayStation just like the original game was, given that it was announced at Sony's own E3 showcase.

For everything else you might have missed from the somewhat muddled presentation from Sony, head over to our full PlayStation E3 2018 recap.

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