Nioh 2: What to Give to the "It Seems as Though It Wants Something" Purple Kodama Spirit

Nioh 2: What to Give to the "It Seems as Though It Wants Something" Purple Kodama Spirit

We show you what items you should give to the little skull-faced purple spirits in Nioh 2.

While exploring the brutal realms of Nioh 2, you'll likely come across tiny purple Kodama spirits, displaying the phrase "it seems as though it wants something." We'll show you what you should give to them, and what rewards you can get for doing so.

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What Item to Give to the Purple Kodama Spirit

Dotted around various levels at various points, you should give these spirits the most valuable item you don't want. Spirits of this kind essentially function as a way to reroll and recycle items and equipment, taking whatever you give them and generating one or more items of roughly the same value and same type. Give them an expensive piece of armor, for example, and you'll likely get a different, but equally rare piece of armor or equipment back. You can even give them soul cores, which they might replace with others you can use to fuel your Yokai powers. Or if you have a weapon that doesn't fit with your preferred stance, you can exchange it for another here.

You can give it whatever you want, but giving more gets you more back. | Joel Franey, USgamer, Koei Tecmo Games/Team Ninja/Sony Interactive Entertainment

It's important to remember that these spirits will only do this exchange once each, disappearing afterwards. This is presumably so you can't just keep regenerating equipment for free until you get the perfect item.

How to Give Items to the Spirit

If you do have something you want to recycle, just stand as close to the Kodama as possible, go into your inventory, find the item you want, and select to drop it. The Kodama will grab the item and vanish, leaving behind the new items. We wish you all the best in getting something actually good.

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