Nioh's Final DLC Slays More Yokai Later This Month

Nioh's Final DLC Slays More Yokai Later This Month

Say bye bye to more Yokai.

Team Ninja's surprisingly good Soulslike Nioh is petering out at last. After two hefty DLC expansions this year, its final one will be released this month on September 26.

The final DLC pack Bloodshed's End will be $9.99, or included in the Season Pass if a player already owns it. The DLC wraps up protagonist William's journey through Sengoku era Japan, continuing where this summer's DLC Defiant Honor left off: where a new uprising and war has broken out even after establishing a peace negotiation between two forces.

The DLC won't be starved for additional content either. It includes new characters, Yokai, and Guardian Spirits to join the mix. A new mode, called The Abyss, throws players into a "perpetual battlefield," which sounds an awful lot like a horde or wave-based mode. Or alternatively, maybe enemies just respawn super quickly, to make for a more convenient grind. As with Nioh proper, the game and all its DLC are available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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