NISA Details Four Ys 8 Patches That Will Fix Everything From Localization to Graphics in Switch Version

NISA Details Four Ys 8 Patches That Will Fix Everything From Localization to Graphics in Switch Version

The Ys 8 fixes are coming, and they're coming at launch.

Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana is coming out on the Nintendo Switch next week, but early reviews revealed several localization issues found in early review copies of Ys 8. NIS America announced that there will be a series of launch week patches to remedy the issues and today NIS America outlined what these patches will do specifically.

Early reviews for Ys 8 highlighted several localization errors including mistranslations, repeated lines of text, to completely untranslated lines of dialogue. NIS America said in a statement that it is aware of these known issues and were planning a series of patches to fix them for launch. The review copies of Ys 8 on Switch were shipped in an unpatched state due to time.

Ys 8

So, what will those patches do? NIS America outlined four patches that will be available for Ys 8 starting on launch day and rolling out until mid-July. The patches will fix the text issues, but also things like crashes, graphical glitches and others.

  • Patch v1.01 – Fixes include adjustment to Nintendo Switch auto-sleep function, incorrect icon displays, and text refinements. It will be available on launch on June 26.
  • Patch v1.02 – Fixes includes addressing crash issues, aesthetic issue repairs, and text refinements. It will be ready on launch week.
  • Patch v1.03 – Fixes include text refinements and it will be available the week after launch.
  • Patch v1.04 – Will add Japanese voices to the game and make aesthetic refinements during cutscenes. It will be available mid-July 2018.

Ys 8 has suffered through a series of localization troubles for all versions of the game starting with the worldwide release on PS4 and PS Vita last year. A complete re-localization of Ys 8 was commissioned by NIS America and was patched into pre-existing versions of the game, and on the PC version which came out at a later date.

Ys 8 is the newest game in Falcom's Ys series which follows the hero Adol Christen through a new adventure each game. We played the PS4 version of Ys 8 last year and found it to be a great entry into the Ys series. You can see NIS America's full breakdown of the patches here.

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