No Balance Changes Planned For The Division 2's Raid, Says Ubisoft

No Balance Changes Planned For The Division 2's Raid, Says Ubisoft

Other changes will hopefully tune the raid's difficulty on console with a lighter touch.

The new Operation Dark Hours raid has been giving The Division 2 players some trouble, especially on consoles. While some are managing to clear it and even get the run down to a respectable time, the large majority seem to still be struggling. That won't be changing for the time being.

Earlier this week, an Ubisoft spokesperson said tweaks to the raid were not "outside the realm of possibility," but in today's State of the Game broadcast, community developer Chris Gansler confirmed that there are no balance changes planned for the Operation Dark Hours raid.

"We've heard rumors about us changing the raid difficulty. There are currently no plans to change that," said Gansler. "Again, as you've talked about, we know the raid is a little harder… well, not a little harder, it's harder on console. But we are happy with where we're at. We've seen multiple people clear it."

Gansler also confirmed that the world's first crew to clear the raid for each platform, rather than the overall world's first, would each get a portrait in their respective platform's persistent White House base. Despite not planning on any changes, Gansler said they're still listening to feedback.

"We know that the dev team is very passionate about the game," said Gansler. "If the community is giving us the feedback that something is not how they like it, we're not afraid to do changes. At the moment though, for the raid specifically, we don't plan any balance changes right now."

On The Division subreddit, reactions are mixed to poor. Some users are saying they won't spend another dime on the game. Others are tentative to okay, pointing out that coming balance changes mentioned in the State of the Game broadcast—especially one which will cut back on enemies rushing the player—could help tune the difficulty down with a less forceful hand.

While difficulty is an inherent draw of raid-style content, the sticking point seems to be the disparity. While console players are struggling, PC players aren't having as much trouble getting their raid clears. "I understand raids are meant to be difficult," wrote one player. "But the fact that it took what, 3.5 days for the first console team to clear it says a lot."

The problems console players have faced stem from several areas, though many attribute their frustration to the movement and aiming on the console version of The Division 2. Still, several players have not only managed to beat it, but cut their time down from a titanic 36 hours to just over two, showing it is possible. The issue is whether it's feasible, and maybe more importantly for Ubisoft, whether players are willing to invest enough to get to that point.

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