No, Doomfist Didn't Murder Tracer

No, Doomfist Didn't Murder Tracer

Real touch-and-go moment for the time-traveling fave.

Doomfist made his official debut today on the Overwatch PTR, and his reveal came in the form of a gorgeous animated trailer from Chinese studio Wolfsmoke. Along with his flashy entrance and demonstration of incredible strength, the trailer is pretty much a showcase where he beats down the Overwatch team. Especially Tracer. Good news though is that Tracer is definitely not dead.

The animated trailer actually takes place in a flashback to when Doomfist was first captured by the Winston, Tracer, and Genji Overwatch strike team. It happened right around the time Doomfist took over the mantle from his former teacher and joined the Talon inner-circle.

The battle depicted in the trailer was pretty brutal, and while we know the aftermath led to Doomfist's imprisonment, it showed off some heavy casualties—including the moment Doomfist ripped off Tracer's chronal accelerator. That device is the only thing that keeps her tethered to the present time.

Since the battle happened in the past, Tracer is definitely okay now, Blizzard confirms. However, the internet reacted a little poorly when their time-traveling fave got the short end of the Doomfist.

It's understandable why the moment Doomfist ripped off Tracer's chrono-accelerator shocked so many people. The device—designed by Winston—is what prevents Tracer from slipping in and out of time after her accident. Lena was first recruited to Overwatch as a test pilot for the experimental teleporting fighter, The Slipstream. Unfortunately, the plane's teleportation matrix malfunctioned, disappearing both the plane and Tracer from time. Tracer was presumed dead by the Overwatch scientists.

It wasn't until months later when she mysteriously reappeared, though the accident altered her molecular structure, desyncing the pilot from the flow of time. As a result, Tracer would disappear for periods of time, unable to keep her physical form. Winston's device, which is strapped to Tracer's chest (but can work as long as Tracer is in the vicinity of the device), is basically her lifeline to this world.

Luckily, Tracer is all better now after that initial Doomfist incident. Although, it's going to be hard to guarantee anybody's safety now that Doomfist is free again.

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