No Man’s Sky: Beyond Launches in Two Weeks, but Hello Games Is Keeping a Huge Part of It a Secret

No Man’s Sky: Beyond Launches in Two Weeks, but Hello Games Is Keeping a Huge Part of It a Secret

A third part of the Beyond update has yet to be revealed.

A new horizon for No Man's Sky dawns sooner than you might expect. Beyond, a huge three-in-one update for space exploration sim No Man's Sky, is due out August 14.

This news came today via a surprise trailer, while a press release broke it down a little more. No Man's Sky: Beyond is a free update, pretty grand in scale-Hello Games compares it to the popular Next update-and aims to add, among other things, VR support for supported platforms.

Originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive, No Man's Sky has since found its way to PC and Xbox One as well. Soon, VR enthusiasts will be able to check out the universe in virtual reality, at least on the PS4 and PC. We got to check out the VR in-person, which sounded both impressive and, at times, a little nauseating.

But VR isn't the only part of this update; Beyond also includes the No Man's Sky Online update, which Hello Games describes as a "radical new social and multiplayer experience." It's supposed to expand on the multiplayer side of No Man's Sky, though how exactly isn't clear.

While we know of two parts, Online and VR, we've yet to see what the third part of this huge update is. Whether it could be new narrative content or some kind of event, similar to the recent EVE Online dust-up with alien invaders, remains to be seen. I suppose we'll find out in just a few weeks.

If you're getting into the motions again with No Man's Sky to get ready for Beyond, be sure to check out our guides to exploring the galactic frontier.

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