No Man’s Sky Beyond Release Date: VR Mode, New Online Features

No Man’s Sky Beyond Release Date: VR Mode, New Online Features

There’s yet more to explore in No Man’s Sky as part of the Beyond update. Here’s what you need to know.

No Man’s Sky has changed quite a bit since launch. Last year’s Next update added in third-person view and radically updated the visual fidelity of the endless planets on offer. And with another year comes another huge update to No Man’s Sky, though this time it’s No Man’s Sky Beyond, bringing VR and new tweaks to the game’s multiplayer. To help you keep track of the new features that No Man’s Sky Beyond will add, we’ve put together this No Man’s Sky Beyond Guide. We’ll take a look at the VR Functionality, as well as what we know so far about the updated multiplayer mechanics.

No Man’s Sky Beyond VR Update

The headline feature that No Man’s Sky Beyond is adding to the game is VR functionality. Players on PSVR and other headsets will be able to jump into the full game, with full 360 visuals and VR compatibility. You’ll also share the game with non-VR players, so you won’t be cordoned off into a VR-only area or anything. This VR update will be completely free as well, so good news all around!

No Man’s Sky Beyond Release Date

Hello Games just announced that the next major expansion to No Man’s Sky: No Man’s Sky Beyond, will launch August 14. It is free for all players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

No Man’s Sky Beyond Multiplayer

While we do indeed know that the Beyond update will change multiplayer in No Man’s Sky, we don’t have many specifics. From the looks of it, the multiplayer will be optimized so that interactions with other players are more frequent. On the NMS blog, the new features are described as follows:

An expanded Online experience will bring a radical new social and multiplayer experience which empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together.

Thanks to a recent Tweet from the creators at Hello Games, we do know a few more details related to the multiplayer including the following:

  • 16-32 players
  • Nexus Social Space
  • Multiplayer Missions
  • Cooking and Recipes

No Man's Sky Beyond Rideable Creatures

One of the main things we gleaned from the recent No Man's Sky Beyond trailer was that you will soon be able to ride creatures. You can check it out in the Image embedded below.

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