No Man's Sky Beyond Update Will Let You Milk Aliens

No Man's Sky Beyond Update Will Let You Milk Aliens

The Last Jedi tie-in we've been waiting for.

The Beyond update for spacefaring sim No Man's Sky is coming soon, and now we know what the third pillar of it is. Alongside VR support and expanded multiplayer, pillar number three is a host of updates and key features meant to deepen the experience for all players, including milking ambient wildlife.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Hello Games' Sean Murray talked about what the update would include. Alongside elements like riding aliens, denser and more varied biomes, and cooking, there are also inclusions like electricity and logic. Eurogamer says Hello Games' Grant Duncan mocked up a fully functional game of Rocket League inside No Man's Sky, with a scoring system.

"The third pillar is, and has always been, a huge number of key features that are put under the house of version 2.0," Murray told Eurogamer. "It's to try and make the game feel more cohesive, and some key features to deepen things. We run ahead with our updates painting everything in these big broad strokes, and then we come along afterwards looking at the detail. This is really us painting in a lot of detail into features we've added previously."

It's huge, and it's all coming to No Man's Sky very, very soon. The Beyond update launches for No Man's Sky just next week on August 14, and it adds some big features like virtual reality headset support for both PC and PlayStation 4. We got some hands-on time with the VR version already, and it sounds really cool, if not a little nauseating if you spin your ship out. Hey, we're not astronauts.

The Beyond update is free for all No Man's Sky owners, so no need to worry about a season pass. Murray says more content is planned after Beyond as well, with at least one season of post-launch events and community missions. While there are still other projects for Hello Games, like The Last Campfire, No Man's Sky has never quite settled into a static state. But when Eurogamer asks Murray whether he's preparing for the next generation of console systems, he's understandably not committing to anything just yet.

"We're lucky enough to be able to be at the cutting edge of things," Murray says. "But I don't think it does us any good to commit to anything. Honestly, there's a real battle that goes on in my head between still being excited about No Man's Sky, but also being excited about other things we'd like to do."

No Man's Sky's Beyond update launches August 14 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you're jumping into it this weekend to get up to speed, be sure to check out our guides, including guide to getting started in the brave new frontier of space.

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