No Man’s Sky Chromatic Metal - How to Craft and Get Chromatic Metal, Farm Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky Chromatic Metal - How to Craft and Get Chromatic Metal, Farm Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky

Chromatic Metal is an essential resource that you’ll need to craft regularly throughout your journey in No Man’s Sky, here’s how.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different resources in No Man’s Sky, each with a specific use. Some resources are much more useful than others however, and will consistently be required in throughout your time with the game. One of the most useful materials, especially early on, is Chromatic Metal. Chromatic Metal is used for all sorts of things in No Man’s Sky, though you’ll likely first run into it while trying to fuel your Hyperdrive. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky, How to Craft it using a refiner, and the best ways to farm it.

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No Man’s Sky Chromatic Metal

You’ll need Chromatic Metal for a few different uses in No Man’s Sky. The most common use you’ll find for it is when crafting Antimatter. You can’t just pick it up while out exploring, you’ll need to synthesise it from another element. Here’s how to get Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky.

How to get Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky

There are a few steps to getting Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky. We’ve outlined them in the list below, indicating exactly what you’ll need, and how to craft Chromatic Metal using a refiner.

  • First up, you’ll need to build a refiner. The blueprint for a refiner is given to you an hour or so into the game, and requires Metal Plating (made of 50 Ferrite Dust), and 30 Oxygen
  • Once you’ve built that, you’ll need to find some Copper
  • To save time, fly up into space and look at the nearby planets, scan them and make sure they have Copper on them
  • Land on a Copper-rich planet and use your analyzer to locate Copper Deposits
  • Head to a Copper Deposit and use your Terrain Manipulator to mine it
  • Place the Copper in the Refiner, and put Fuel in
  • This will create Chromatic Metal

No Man’s Sky Farm Chromatic Metal

The best way to get Chromatic Metal is to farm copper using a base. If you’re not that far into the game yet, you can still follow a few general tips to make sure you’re making as much Chromatic Metal as possible.

  • Mine a ton of Ferrite Dust, turn it into Pure ferrite in a Refiner
  • This will act as fuel for your Terrain Manipulator
  • Land near a copper deposit so that you can easily transfer the Copper to it, the ship must be in range
  • Mine Copper and use the Pure Ferrite to replenish your Terrain manipulator
  • You can run multiple Refiners side by side to save time, keeping them at a central hub that you can transport your ship back to easily

No Man’s Sky Chromatic Metal - Using Cadmium, Emeril and Indium

While Copper is definitely the easiest way to make Chromatic Metal, you can actually use Cadmium, Emeril and Indium as well. Using rarer metals will yield more Chromatic Metal, so keep an eye out for them in your travels. They’re not really worth seeking out, as they can be quite rare to find. If you see some lying around though, be sure to pick it up.

That’s how to get Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guide on how to make money fast in No Man’s Sky.

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