No Man’s Sky: How to Earn Quicksilver in 2020

No Man’s Sky: How to Earn Quicksilver in 2020

There’s a new Community event currently running in No Man’s Sky, here’s all of the details.

Quicksilver is a form of currency that can be earned in No Man's Sky. It's used for purchasing unique items from the Nexus store, and is needed to start certain missions. To help you get as much Quicksilver as you can, we've put together a guide on earning it fast.

Where to Get Quicksilver

You can earn Quicksilver at The Nexus. This is found abaord The Anomaly. Head into space and summon it by pressing down on the d-pad and selecting 'Summon'. You can earn Quicksilver by completing missions at the Nexus. This can be done in a group or solo. There is a Quicksilver mission to take on every day. This will give you around 250 per run, though you'll need to wait for missions to refresh.

Fastest Way to Earn Quicksilver

You'll want to make sure you're doing as many of the daily missions as possible to build up a nice reserve of Quicksilver. The very best way to get it is to do the weekend missions. These reward you 1200 each time, so you'll be able to stack up loads each week.

Pick up Quicksilver missions at The Nexus | Jake Green/USG

No Man’s Sky Quicksilver Store

Once you have Quicksilver to spend, head to the Vendor next to where you picked up the missions. Here you can trade in Quicksilver for the following:

  • new base building parts
  • decals
  • new emotes
  • character customization items
  • jetpack trails

That’s all you need to know about earning Quicksilver in No Man’s Sky. For info on making money fast in No Man’s Sky, visit our No Man’s Sky Money Guide.

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