No Man's Sky Creator Shows the Ludicrous Heights Base Building Can be Taken to in the New Update

No Man's Sky Creator Shows the Ludicrous Heights Base Building Can be Taken to in the New Update

Taking the game to new heights.

One of the new features in No Man's Sky Next is an expanded base building mechanic with better features, more structures, and unlimited base building restrictions. This theoretically lends itself to some Minecraft-like levels of building, but a video posted by Hello Games founder Sean Murray offers visual proof of No Man's Sky Next's new building potential.

In a video posted on Murray's Twitter account a No Man's Sky explorer is standing atop a base structure. But it's not until the astronaut jumps off do we see that this skyscraper is much, much taller than we predicted. The fall would normally kill the player, but it's built atop a little island, and the astronaut falls safely into the ocean.

Expanded base building isn't the only new feature in No Man's Sky Next. While not a sequel, the new expansion adds enough new content in the game to the point where it's practically a new experience. Along with he expanded base building suite, No Man's Sky Next has a proper multiplayer mode, new graphics, and much, much more. You can see the full No Man's Sky Next patch notes here.

When No Man's Sky first came out in 2016 the game was billed as a space exploration sim where players can venture a vast, procedurally generated universe where they can discover new planets and wildlife and even name their discoveries. Over the course of three expansions No Man's Sky added deeper story elements, base building, and now multiplayer. Reaction has been positive to these new changes after a controversially rocky launch where players even tried to sue Hello Games for under delivering on some promises.

For more on No Man's Sky including how to get started, build bases, and amass ships check out our No Man's Sky Next guide with walkthroughs, tips, and tricks.

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