No Man's Sky Gets All Dead Space With the Desolation Update

No Man's Sky Gets All Dead Space With the Desolation Update

Explore lost freighters for a quick score or a quick death.

A derelict freighter is found in deep space, with no signs of life. A few brave souls go to investigate the ship, only to find the crew gone, power low, and weird organic life growing on the decks. It's not Dead Space; it's No Man's Sky.

In an update entitled Desolation, it seems that No Man's Sky will be adding haunted spaceships for players to explore. These ships will include alien life and rogue technology, allowing players to get that horror feeling in the vast reaches of No Man's Sky's procedurally-generated void.

The ships themselves are also procedurally-generated, with their own layouts and threats. Hello Games promises a unique story for every freighter, which players can obtain by finding the Captain's Log deep within the ship. Explorers will find great rewards for their trouble, including unique freighter and fleet upgrades.

In fact, freighters are getting a general look for this update. There's freighter customization, allowing you to recolor your massive floating empire, further freighter inventory upgrades, and improved inventory management. Finally, players can build a teleporter aboard their freighters, allowing you to easily get to bases or space stations.

The update also improved other aspects of No Man's Sky. Combat is apparently being made more responsive and fast, so those encounters against mysterious aliens feel more exciting. Lighting as a whole is getting an overhaul with volumetric light sources, improved bloom lighting, and more realistic lens flare. And there are now player titles, allowing you to celebrate reaching certain milestones with some customization to your name.

Desolation is No Man's Sky update 2.6 and it available today on all platforms. Hello Games has continue to improve its universe exploration sim, adding full crossplay back in June, Exo Mech Suits in April, and odd, flesh-like ships in February. Every one of these updates came with a host of other additions and fixes, expanding the scope of No Man's Sky. And it looks like Hello Games has no intention of stopping.

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