No Man’s Sky Hot Ice - How to Get Hot Ice, Craft Hot Ice, Hot Ice Blueprint

No Man’s Sky Hot Ice - How to Get Hot Ice, Craft Hot Ice, Hot Ice Blueprint

Hot Ice is one of the core components of Cryo-Pumps, so is therefore practically gold dust. Here’s how to get Hot Ice in No Man’s Sky.

One of the most sought after items in No Man’s Sky is the Cryo-pump. It’s incredibly valuable, and is used by many players as a key source of income. Hold your horses though, because in order to craft Cryo-Pumps, you’re gonna need some Hot Ice. Hot Ice can’t be found by just strolling around your favorite paradise planet. Instead it is crafted from other substances. In this No Man’s Sky Hot Ice Guide, we’ll lead you through how to get Hot Ice in No Man’s Sky. Let’s get started.

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How to Get Hot Ice in No Man’s Sky

Hot Ice needs to be crafted before you can use it. It doesn’t occur naturally while out exploring, though you can actually buy it at Galactic terminals if needed. It’s obviously much more profitable to craft it from scratch though, so follow our guide on how to get Hot Ice in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky Hot Ice Blueprint

Before you start crafting Hot Ice like it’s nothing, you’ll need to find the blueprints associated with crafting it. You will get this automatically by completing some of the later Base Building missions, but you can also get new Blueprints by finding technology in Buried tech pods. Use the Blueprint Analyzer to unlock more.

How to Get Hot Ice in No Man’s Sky - Crafting Hot Ice

Once you have the correct blueprint to let you make Hot Ice, you just need to follow the steps below:

  • Okay, first you’re gonna need to make Ammonium Salt
  • Combine 250 Nitrogen with 25 Carbon to make ammonium Salt in your inventory
  • Next you need Enriched Carbon
  • Combine 250 Radon and 25 carbon to make Enriched Carbon (Radon can either be gathered from plants or by using an Atmospheric Harvester)
  • Now, combine the Ammonium Salt and Enriched Carbon to make Hot Ice

That’s all you’ll need to know about making Hot Ice in No Man’s Sky. For more on the game, check out our No Man’s Sky Ships Guide. There’s also our tips for building bases in No Man’s Sky, over in our No Man’s Sky Base Building Guide.

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