No Man's Sky: How to Get an Emeril Drive

No Man's Sky: How to Get an Emeril Drive

You'll need an Emeril Drive to reach green star systems in No Man's Sky. Here's how to get one..

There are a few different types of star system in No Man's Sky. You'll need different ship technologies to reach each one, and you'll definitely want to visit each. An Emeril Drive is required if you wish to visit green systems, which is where you'll find Emeril. Here's how to get an Emeril Drive, and what materials you'll need to craft one.

How to Get an Emeril Drive

To get an Emeril Drive in No Man's Sky you'll need to head to The Anomaly. To do so, head into space and press down on the d-pad. Select 'Summon Anomaly' and fly inside. There is a vendor in the room behind the one that houses Nada and Polo that will sell you ship upgrades in exchange for Nanites. Purchase the Emeril Drive blueprint here for 300 Nanites.

Crafting the Emeril Drive

To craft the Emeril Drive you will need the following:

  1. Cadmium (250)
  2. Wiring Loom (4)

To get Cadmium, you will need the Cadmium Drive. We have more info on how to get one in this guide. Once you have one, head to a red system and mine Cadmium there. You can purchase Wiring Looms from Space Stations. Once you have all of the materials, craft the Emeril Drive. You can now reach green systems.

Picking up an Emeril Drive | Jake Green/USG

Using the Emeril Drive to Get Emeril

Once you have the Emeril Drive you can warp to a green star system and start mining Emeril. Open your Galactic Map and warp to a green star. Scan nearby planets and you'll find Emeril.

That's how to get an Emeril Drive in No Man's Sky. For more on the game be sure to check out our breakdown of how to find portals. We've also got a full walkthrough for the new Starbirth mission, which will get you your very own living ship.

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