No Man's Sky: How to Get and Upgrade a Biological Ship

No Man's Sky: How to Get and Upgrade a Biological Ship

We show you how to make upgrades to your living ship.

No Man's Sky just received a huge update. It adds new items to the game, makes a bunch of tweaks to space encounters, and also adds in a whole new ship type. The ships are organic, meaning they are made of flesh and blood. You'll need to complete a certain mission to get one. Once you have one you can upgrade it, we'll show you how in this guide.

How to Get a Living/Biological Ship

In order to get a biological ship as part of No Man's Sky's Living Ships update you'll need to complete the Starbirth mission. We have a full walkthrough here, so be sure to head over for more info. You'll receive a biological ship upon completion, free of charge.

What Are Living Ships?

No Man's Sky has been teasing the arrival of biological ships for a while now. First, we had the mysterious egg mission, and then an update made recently. Biological Ships are a new class of ship, made of organs collected while playing the new mission. They have unique ship parts, but function largely in the same way as a regular ship. Here's what they come with as standard.

  • Pulsing Heart - pulse engine
  • Neural Assembly - launch thrusters
  • Singularity Cortex - hyperdrive
  • Scream Suppressor - shield
  • Spewing Vents - phasers
  • Grafted Eyes - beam weapon

How to Get Biological Ship Upgrades

Given that the Living Ships update only just launched, many are still working out the upgrade paths for the new ships. To upgrade your Biological Ship, do the following:

  1. Head into space
  2. Engage pulse engine
  3. An anomaly will signal in
  4. Some of these encounters will give you upgrades

Not every space encounter will give you upgrades. We recommend pulsing in your new organic ship until you come across objects like Dyson's Eyes and Void Anomalies, this is how we earned some of our upgrade.

Some space anomalies will give you upgrades | Jake Green/USG

How to Install Living Ship Upgrades

Upgrades for the living ship are installed in the same way as with other ships. Head to your Starship menu and press X/A. You can then install the upgrade.

That's how to upgrade the biological ship. For more on No Man's Sky check out our look at finding Portals. Elsewhere there's our guide on Quicksilver.

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