No Man's Sky Is Heading to Xbox Game Pass in June

No Man's Sky Is Heading to Xbox Game Pass in June

If you get tired of Sea of Thieves, maybe you should take to the stars.

If you've been holding off on playing No Man's Sky—maybe its rocky launch made you wary, or perhaps all the huge updates were too much to keep up with—having it in a subscription plan you already have might be just what you need to get started. Today, Microsoft and Hello Games have revealed that No Man's Sky is coming to Xbox Game Pass in June.

The announcement penned by Hello Games' Sean Murray for Xbox Wire is a bit slim on other details. There's no word on exactly when in June No Man's Sky will launch on Game Pass, and it's also unclear whether or not it will be available as a Game Pass title on PC. Not every game that comes to the service launches for both platforms, as is the case with Red Dead Redemption 2. Next month will also see the No Man's Sky's PC version come to the Microsoft Store, so if you're opposed to buying it through Steam or Humble, well, at least that option will be available soon.

Game Pass subscribers on Xbox One and established No Man's Sky players on the console should be happy to hear this announcement. With Game Pass having recently crossed the 10 million subscriber milestone, that's a whole lot of new players to explore the galaxy with.

On top of massive updates like Next and Beyond that expanded and refined No Man's Sky's multiplayer functionality, Hello Games continues to add lots of stuff and gadgets to its procedurally generated worlds. From a music production suite to biological ships and giant mech suits, each update adds more things to fiddle with in No Man's Sky atop its main gameplay loops of building and exploration.

If you're going to get started with its Game Pass launch, then USgamer's guide section for No Man's Sky is probably worth bookmarking now. Especially after all the free updates, you might find yourself with lots of questions as to what you should do—and if you've got more ambitious projects in mind, you'll need all the help you can get.

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