No Man’s Sky Nexus: Nexus Social Hub, Multiplayer Missions, Construction Research Terminal - Everything You Need to Know

No Man’s Sky Nexus: Nexus Social Hub, Multiplayer Missions, Construction Research Terminal - Everything You Need to Know

The Nexus is a brand new social hub in No Man’s Sky. Here’s everything you should know about it.

No Man’s Sky just received a huge update called Beyond. It adds in a bunch of new features, from full VR integration to a new social space called the Nexus. The Nexus allows players to meet up and head out on multiplayer missions together, and is also home to a selection of useful vendors and terminals. To help you make sense of it all, we’ve put together this No Man’s Sky Nexus Guide. We’ll detail everything there is to see in the Nexus social space, and take a look at how you can buddy up and take part in multiplayer missions.

How to Find the Nexus in No Man’s Sky

The Nexus is a brand new location in No Man’s Sky, added in as part of the Beyond update. It is located aboard the Anomaly, so if you’ve already unlocked it just head into space and summon it from the quick menu (down on d-pad). If you’ve just started No Man’s Sky, you’ll need to play for a few hours, following the main questline.

No Man’s Sky Nexus Multiplayer Missions

The main purpose of the Nexus is to better facilitate multiplayer sessions. You can head to the Nexus terminal, in the center of the room as you leave your ship, and from it you can start or join certain multiplayer missions. This is well worth your time, as the rewards are pretty great.

No Man’s Sky Multi-Tool Research

You can access a wide selection of Multi-Tool upgrades while aboard the Nexus. You need to head into the back room, opposite the one where Nada and Polo are. At the back right terminal you can speak to a creature who will allow you to purchase updates.

No Man’s Sky Nexus Exosuit Research

In the same way there are Multi-Tool upgrades to be found aboard the Nexus, there are also Exosuit ones. You’ll need to head to the same room as before, and speak to the creature at the back left of the room. From here you can buy upgrades for life support systems, jetpack boosts and more.

No Man’s Sky Nexus Starship Research

Finally, there’s also a Starship Research area in the Nexus. This allows you to upgrade elements of your ship, like the weapons systems or thrusters. You’ll need Nanites to do so, and then space to install the tech modules.

No Man’s Sky Nexus Quicksilver

Quicksilver is earned via in-game events, and for hitting certain story beats. You can spend it at the vendor to the right of the main Nexus module, on items like exotic armor and emotes. For more on Quicksilver, head to our No Man’s Sky Quicksilver guide.

No Man’s Sky Nexus Korvax Simulation Terminal

If you head out of the room with Nada and Polo in it, and turn left, you’ll come to a large teleporter. Turn right and you’ll move through into a room containing a Korvax Simulation Terminal. This is an important part of one of the main story quests, so don’t worry about accessing it until then.

No Man’s Sky Nexus Construction Terminal

One point of interest you should check out aboard the Nexus is the Construction Research Terminal. You can purchase new Base Building blueprints from here, using Salvaged Data. Read more on this in our No Man’s Sky Base Building Guide.

So is the Nexus the Same as the Anomaly?

Some of the new language introduced in No Man’s Sky Beyond has muddled things up somewhat. Nada and Polo are still aboard a mysterious ship called the Anomaly, though once you’re inside you’ll see it’s basically just the new Nexus area. It seems that the two have been folded into one area, so The Anomaly is home to the Nexus, but still houses all of the same terminals and info that it did previously.

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