No Man's Sky Player Builds Giant Profile of Game's Creator That's Viewable from Space

No Man's Sky Player Builds Giant Profile of Game's Creator That's Viewable from Space

Good morning. FYI, you have a new god.

The improvements brought to No Man's Sky via the No Man's Sky Next update have people talking positively about the game, but one player decided a simple "thank you" to lead developer Sean Murray wasn't enough to express his gratitude. So, he assembled a giant picture of Murray on a planet's surface and made it visible from the atmosphere. All hail your new space lord (mother mother).

The creator of the monument, who goes by "Roland Oberheim" on Twitter, shared his process. "I got an image of Sean, removed the color, resized it to 37 x 50 pixels, posterized it to 4 levels, then used the resulting image as a guide and counted carefully," he tweeted. "Time consuming, but not difficult." Hush, fool. You're supposed to say you sacrificed your very life force for your vision, then tell everyone it was worth it for the glory of Murray ("May he rule the galaxy for a million millennia").

If you want to have a look at Murray's space-face before it starts weeping blood or whatever, you just need to find a portal and input the glyphs Roland shared in another tweet.

If you've recently made the decision to jump back into Hello Games' massive adventure, you're going to want to check out our guides to No Man's Sky Next.

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