No Man's Sky "Visions" Update Releases Tomorrow

Fantastic Beasts.

"Visions", the update for No Man's Sky that originally leaked yesterday, was formally announced by Hello Games today, on November 22. Due for release tomorrow, the update aims to overhaul the visuals for the game in a big way.

"Just last month we launched The Abyss, which completely changed underwater in No Man’s Sky," Hello Games founder Sean Murray wrote today on the PlayStation Blog. "We are excited to now make the planet surface far more interesting and varied to explore."

Previously dead-looking planets in No Man's Sky will now "burst into life," giving players plenty new locales to visit. There will also be new alien artifacts found on the surfaces of some planets, although Murray hasn't elaborated on how these will function.

On top of this, there'll also be brand new alien lifeforms added to the surfaces of planets across No Man's Sky. "Predatory fauna protect their planets from interlopers, with some creatures even masquerading as ordinary minerals," writes Murray.

Finally, there's the addition of brand new Global Community Missions in the Visions update for No Man's Sky. "Discover the Visions universe together to unlock the new Eye of the Korvax helmet, as well as well as new emotes, building parts and a range of fireworks to celebrate any occasion," finishes Murray.

For more on Hello Games' spacefaring sim, including a complete history of the changes made to the game since launch, head over to our No Man's Sky guides hub.

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