No Man's Sky Starbirth Mission Full Walkthrough

No Man's Sky Starbirth Mission Full Walkthrough

A new mission has been added to No Man's Sky. Here's how to complete it.

As part of the new Living Ships update, No Man's Sky just got a brand new story mission. It's called Starbirth and sends players on an intergalactic trading sequence of sorts. It takes a while to complete, and features new items and mechanics at times. We've put together a full walkthrough to help you get to the end.

Starbirth Walkthrough

First off, you'll need to actually start the mission. You can find info on how to do so here. Once it's triggered, head to the first target planet. You will likely need an Emeril Drive for this, which you can pick up at a Space Station. Once you arrive at the first destination, the egg will activate. Examine the Void Egg in your inventory. It will display the following:

When touched, conjures up a powerful vision of a world beset by powerful anomalies and strange colors.
The Void Egg is activated | Jake Green/USG

This text points you toward your next destination. This is a [REDACTED] planet. Get into the atmosphere and you will be given coordinates to follow.

Using Coordinates to Find the Next Objective

To view your current coordinates, switch to first person ship view. You can do so by pressing down on the d-pad. Coordinates are displayed on a screen to your left. Fly around until the numbers start to rise or fall in the direction of the target value. You may need to leave the atmosphere and pulse to speed this up.

Head to the coordinates | Jake Green/USG

Once you're near your destination, get out of your ship and look for a nearby alien structure. You will come across a Korvax relic which will give you a Blueprint for a Consciousness Bridge. Here's what you'll need:

  • Hexite - 250
  • Pugneum
  • Korvax Casing
A Conciousness Bridge | Jake Green/USG

Craft the Consciousness Bridge

You'll be directed to a source of 250 Hexite. Head there first. Now you'll need Pugneum. Kill Sentinels for this, three should do. Purchase a Korvax Casing from a space station or Trading Post. You can buy this from any Korvax stepping out of their ships. You can now put the Consciousness Bridge together. Make your way back to the biogenesis structure and insert the item. You'll be given an item that will need to mature. You can speed things up using the method outlined in this guide.

You need to look for an Unknown Building | Jake Green/USG

Fly into space and then engage Pulse engines, as before. You'll be given another system to reach. Once again, read the description of the Void Egg, it will point to a planet. Here's what ours said.

Stirring Void Egg: An anomalous egg. Since the encounter with the bizarre space creature, its strange music has grown more active, more agitated. When touched, conjures a powerful vision of a dust-covered world of extreme storms.

As before, locate the Unknown Building and interact with it. You'll be given blueprints for a Pulsating Core. Here's what you'll need:

  • Liquid Sun - 250
  • Gold - 100
  • Mordite - 80
Construct the Solar Ray | Jake Green/USG

Using the Solar Ray

To make Liquid Sun, build the Solar Ray. You'll need the following.

  • Magnetised Ferrite - 50
  • Cobalt - 50

Craft the Solar Ray and head to a metal deposit. You can find one using your scanner. Use the ray on the metal to get Liquid Sun. Now you need Mordite. Kill animals to get this. Then you'll need Gold, either get this from mineral deposits or by mining asteroids.

Craft the Pulsating Core. Head into space and warp back to the biogenesis structure from before. Offer up the Pulsating Core and you'll get a Fragile Heart. Once again, you'll need to wait until it is mature, or use the method outlined for the Neural Stem.

You'll need Liquid Sun for this one | Jake Green/USG

Once you have the Mature Heart Node, head into space and pulse to trigger another interaction. It will give you a new destination to reach. Find the Korvax relic as before. You'll have to craft an Impossible Membrane. You'll need an eye from an Abyssal Horror. Head to deep water and scan for one. Then you'll need Living Water. Follow the info in this guide.

Crafting the Impossible Membrane

Combine all of the ingredients to craft the Impossible Membrane. Once again, go back to the biogenesis structure and insert the item. You will be given a Fragile Shell that will need time to mature into a Hardened Shell. Fly into space and use your pulse engines to trigger an encounter. You'll once again be given a system to visit, and the description of a planet. Use the coordinates to find a giant spinning wheel of sorts. It functions the same as before, and will give you the blueprints for the following:

  • Animus Beam - Condensed Caron (100), Sodium Nitrate (50)
  • Seeds of Glass - Magnetised Ferrite (100), Fragmented Qualia (100)
Find the wheel | Jake Green/USG

Fragmented Qualia

To get Fragmented Qualia, you will need to craft and use the Animus Beam. Fire it at living fauna and you will get eight Fragmented Qualia a piece.

Craft the Seeds of Glass and head back to the biogenesis structure to get a Growing Singularity. Once again you will need to mature it to get a Singularity Core. Back up into space now, pulse engines engaged. Your encounter this time will be slightly different, as when you go to check your Void Egg. The Egg will describe glyph coordinates. You can find the full sequence in this guide.

You'll be taken to another planet, and will once again need to find a specific location using coordinates. It's an abandoned building with a terminal inside. The terminal will give you a Soul Chamber.

I'll just be taking that soul of yours | Jake Green/USG

Find the Graves of Fallen Travellers

This part is a little tedious but you'll need to find three graves of fallen Travellers. You'll be given coordinates for each, so track them down as before. Once you've filled the Soul Chamber you will be given an Archived Soul.

It's Alive! | Jake Green/USG

Collect Your Reward

Once you have this item in your possession, climb into your ship. You'll get a transmission pointing you to a location. You'll find your reward here: your very own biological ship. Input all of the items you've collected so far to activate it. The mission is over.

That's how to complete the Starbirth mission in No Man's Sky. For more on the game be sure to get yourself a free freighter with this guide. There's also our look at modifying your appearance.

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