No Man's Sky: 'The Void Egg Seeks a Specific World Portal' Glyphs

No Man's Sky: 'The Void Egg Seeks a Specific World Portal' Glyphs

Here are the Portal Glyphs to reach the Void Egg world as part of the Starbirth mission.

As part of the new No Man's Sky mission players will need to decode a series of clues that point to portal glyphs. It's all part of the Starbirth mission. Here's the solution so that you can reach the target planet.

Void Egg Portal Glyph Coordinates

Toward the end of the Starbirth mission you'll need to examine the Void Egg. It will read the following:

  1. The Hunter
  2. The Reflection
  3. The Hunter
  4. The Spiral of Reality
  5. The Star Over Water
  6. The Ascending Orb
  7. The Obscured Companion
  8. The Hunter
  9. The Lowly Insect
  10. The Anomaly
  11. The Sailor
  12. The Ocean King
  13. Euclid

You'll be given the following objective: 'The Void Egg seeks a specific world. Examine the egg in the inventory to learn of its requirements. Unconventional travel may be required.'

Clues | Jake Green/USG

Here Are the Glyph Coordinates For the Target Planet

Each of the 12 clues listed above relates to a specific Portal Glyph, with the last one describing the galaxy you'll need to be in (in this case Euclid). You'll need to find a portal (info on how to do so here ), charge it and input a specific sequence. You can see the solution in the image below:

Target glyphs | Jake Green/USG

That's how to reach the Void Egg planet as part of the Starbirth mission. For a full walkthrough of the mission head here. For more on No Man's Sky there's our guide on getting a free freighter.

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