No Man's Sky's Beyond Update is Rough, But It's Already Getting Patched Up

No Man's Sky's Beyond Update is Rough, But It's Already Getting Patched Up

Hello Games is already putting out a lot of hotfixes.

The massive Beyond update is finally live for No Man's Sky players, bringing the universe alive with VR, multiplayer, and a host of new features. Given the size of this update, it shouldn't be a surprise that players are already hitting some bugs and crashes, but developer Hello Games seems to be quickly responding to issues.

Players have been encountering crashes, especially around multiplayer and the Nexus, No Man's Sky's social space. One user shared video of themselves entering the anomaly, only to glitch out into a cursed, vibrating existence.

No Man's Sky is a massive game and these changes are fairly sweeping, so it's not a surprise that there are some hiccups. What has been surprising is the speed at which Hello Games is addressing fixes; several hotfixes and patches have already gone live, documented on the release log. Studio founder Sean Murray has also been active on Twitter, encouraging players to send in reports and issues they find.

There's a Reddit thread where users are also breaking down all the issues, but even the No Man's Sky fans don't seem too mad. There's likely some expectation that the update will take a while to get fully stable, and in the meantime, they're having some fun with the crashes.

Games are incredibly hard to make, whether you're managing an ever-expanding universe or trying to port-forward hundreds of pocket monsters. It's heartening to see an open, reasonable discussion and gradual tuning of a persistent game play out in such a civil manner.

The Beyond update is live for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you want some tips on how to get started exploring some of the new features like electricity or riding aliens, be sure to check out our No Man's Sky guides section for all the info you need.

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