No Monster Hunter: World for Switch, but Capcom Leaves the Door Open for New Games

No Monster Hunter: World for Switch, but Capcom Leaves the Door Open for New Games

New worlds might open up to the Switch's Monster Hunter fans someday.

Capcom's gradually come around to making games for the Nintendo Switch, but the studio still recognizes the console's limitations. That's why we're unlikely to see the resource-intensive Monster Hunter: World come to the little system, but there's still a possibility we'll see a Monster Hunter title tailored for the Switch sometime in the future.

Earlier this month, Capcom held its annual shareholders' meeting, where the topic of Switch development naturally came up. One of the meeting's attendees says Capcom was asked if a port of Monster Hunter: World is in the cards, and Capcom admitted it's not likely to happen. However, a Monster Hunter game engineered for the Switch is still on the table (thanks to Siliconera for the translation).

English-speaking Monster Hunter fans can already look forward to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate hitting the Switch on August 28. Generations Ultimate is a localized version of Japan's Monster Hunter XX, which in turn is an HD remaster of Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS. North America is still new to this "Monster Hunter as a cultural phenomenon" thing, so hopefully Capcom's able to maintain a steady drip of new Monster Hunter games for the Nintendo Switch and otherwise. This continent is suddenly jam-packed with hungry, hungry Hunters.

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