No More Heroes 3's Game Awards Trailer Leads With a Great Fake-Out

No More Heroes 3's Game Awards Trailer Leads With a Great Fake-Out

Alright Suda, we see you.

You wouldn't know it from the art style, tone, or really anything about the first few scenes of the trailer, but we just got our first look at No More Heroes 3 since its announcement at E3 2019.

The shortened version of "The Return" that premiered at The Game Awards 2019 skipped through a lot of the strange story that constitutes the "bait" in its bait-and-switch. We meet a kid named Damon and his furball alien pal Fu.

In a manner reminiscent of E.T., we watch Fu take a spaceship off-planet, promising Damon he'll return in 20 years. Flash-forward to a grown up Damon and we see Fu again—only this time, he's more slimeball than furball, and he's brought a rogue's gallery of baddies with him.

Just as Fu tells Damon he's "a goddamn superhero" and you're asking yourself what's going on, smash cut to Travis Touchdown sliding on a bike, Akira-style. It looks like Damon's a central character in No More Heroes 3, while Fu and the other weirdos from space will be some of the game's boss characters.

No More Heroes 3 is being developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and will be released for the Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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