Beloved Saints Row 2 and Not-As-Beloved Dragon Age 2 are Xbox One Backwards Compatible Now

Whatever floats your boat.

More titles are joining Microsoft's backward compatibility roster for the Xbox One. This time it's BioWare's Dragon Age 2 and Volition's Saints Row 2.

While by now Saints Row 2 is considered a classic and the first stepping stone towards the truly irreverent tone of Saint Row: The Third, Dragon Age 2 hasn't aged quite as gracefully.

Dragon Age II

In our dive into the Dragon Age franchise in anticipation of Dragon Age: Inquisition, we found that the direction and RPG elements for Dragon Age 2 were admirable, but ultimately felt that it had problems far beyond the core mechanics. The final act in particular was a huge letdown as Kat Bailey wrote at the time that the finale "mostly comes off as haphazard and unfinished."

But there are those who still like Dragon Age 2 and we can't begrudge them for that either. The game sports somewhere between a 79 and 83 on Metacritic depending on the platform. So you know, to each their own.

Saints Row 2 on the other hand is a real delight. While still basking in the post-Grand Theft Auto era of open world games about criminals, you can see the seeds that would make Saints Row the irreverent counterweight to Grand Theft Auto's established take on the genre.

As we've written before, the backwards compatibility initiative for the Xbox One family of systems is a real winner, and continues to be one of the Xbox One's defining features. Microsoft surely knows this and is no doubt planning more additions in the months to come. We're also certainly going to hear more at Microsoft's Xbox E3 2018 presser this year.

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