Nothing Propels Fans Into Chaos Like the Word 'Doomfist' in an Overwatch PTR Crash Log

Nothing Propels Fans Into Chaos Like the Word 'Doomfist' in an Overwatch PTR Crash Log

The Summer Games Event is likely returning too, though that was already noted.

Crash logs on the latest Overwatch PTR are leaving a breadcrumb trail to an upcoming, repurposed event. But the alluded return of the Summer Games Event isn't alone. An unfamiliar, but actually familiar, potential hero is joining the mix.

Doomfist is once again being teased, but maybe this time not intentionally. Arguably with every new hero introduced to Overwatch—particularly with Orisa—Doomfist was always the first thing on players' minds. Doomfist, already known as a sorta-villain throughout Overwatch's world, his massive fist shown on posters all around. Doomfist is formidable, and we haven't even properly met him yet. And fans are eager for him to join the roster.

As many have personally confirmed on Reddit and Blizzard's forums today, when opening the game's .exe file (and not necessarily crashing your game) and searching the word "Doomfist," the line "Overwatch - Doomfist / Summer Games" arises. Fans have deducted that this was either a mistake on Blizzard's part, likely an accident from internal testing. Some say it might even be just a joke meant to bait fans on another wild goose chase, as the ARG for Sombra once did for months on end.

For as much teasing we've gotten of Doomfist, we still don't know much about the hero. (Or rather, villain.) Last we knew, Doomfist stole the gauntlet from the Payload on Numbani, punched a hole in the wall at the airport, and skipped outta town. Somewhere in the midst of that, a young engineer genius reprogrammed Orisa to protect the city.

In addition to the accidental stumbling upon this maybe legit tease for Doomfist and the return of the Summer Games Event, a dataminer on Reddit conjured up a list of potential new items coming to the event. Not in specificity (re: sprays, skins), but in amounts per hero. Take the datamined list with a grain of salt, of course, as it's not officially from Blizzard. Though in the past, some datamines have proven truthful.

Overwatch recently released their newest map, Horizon Lunar Colony, and soon are expected to start implementing changes to loot boxes (less duplicates), highlights, and more. Overwatch is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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