Now Even the Retronauts Podcast Is Retro

Now Even the Retronauts Podcast Is Retro

Our latest classic games podcast collapses into itself in singularity of oldness.

The world may or may not end tomorrow as America goes to the worst electoral poll in living human memory. But then again, maybe the world already came to an end a few weeks ago and we just didn't realize it.

You see, a few weeks ago, Retronauts celebrated the 10th anniversary of our very first episode, recorded way back in 2006 on the subject of Square Enix's Final Fantasy III remake. And, you know, the rule of law for Retronauts has always been that "retro" means "10 or more years old." Which means, yeah, Retronauts is now retro. And to celebrate (or lament!?) the occasion, Bob and I got together with our two main original collaborators on the show — Chris Kohler of Wired, and Scott Sharkey.

If this show comes off as a little self-indulgent, well, it completely is. But if you can't kick back once a decade and wallow a bit, what's even the point? Am I right?

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Episode description: It's hard to believe, but the podcast devoted to discussing old games is now old itself! On this special live episode of Retronauts, join Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, Chris Kohler, and special guest Scott Sharkey as the crew discusses a decade spent stuck in the past. (Special thanks to twitter user @RPeavyhouse for the cover photo!)

Special thanks also to Bob, who set up this panel for Portland Retro Gaming Expo. And who also kept the show running after that awful Sonic the Hedgehog call-in episode destroyed my will to keep going...

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