Now That E3 2019 Is Done, What's Your Most Anticipated Game for the Rest of 2019?

Now That E3 2019 Is Done, What's Your Most Anticipated Game for the Rest of 2019?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | The smoke has cleared. Let's look ahead to what's next now.

We have lived through E3 2019. The away team has returned home with hours of transcriptions in tow, but we survived.

Now that we're free, with a lot of 2020 release dates and windows newly announced, we can still look ahead to the immediate future: the rest of 2019. So tell us: What's your most anticipated game for the rest of the year? (Only Caty answered this week, but even she nearly forgot to lay this week's CQ out. E3 has fried all of our brains!)

Caty McCarthy Features Editor

Ni No Kuni Remastered! Just kidding. (Though I am very excited to play that again.) I'd still say Death Stranding is my most anticipated game for the rest of the year even though it didn't have a presence at E3 this year, with Super Mario Maker 2, Overland, and the last act of Kentucky Route Zero all tied for second place. If I were to narrow things down to what was at E3 2019 though, I'd say Doom Eternal probably comes out on top. Sure, it's just more Doom, but from what I played at Judges Week, it's also a great deal of fun. It has monkey bars, y'all!

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