Now the Voice Actor of Batman and Sonic the Hedgehog is Teasing Something for the Game Awards

Now the Voice Actor of Batman and Sonic the Hedgehog is Teasing Something for the Game Awards

A new Sonic game? A new Arkham game? A crossover?

What happens when you combine a hedgehog with Batman? You get a small, quilled mammal with dead parents, but you also get Roger Craig Smith, the voice actor for both Sonic the Hedgehog and Batman in Rocksteady's Arkham games. Earlier this morning, Smith coyly hinted we should all pay close attention to the 2019 Game Awards on December 12. (That's today! Tune in at 5:30 p.m. PT/8:30 p.m. ET!)

"Keep them eyes and ears on @thegameawards tonight! Got a little somethin' we're cookin' up for ya," Craig stated in a tweet punctuated by fifty pounds of emojis.

The speculation machine has been whirring nonstop since Craig published his suggestion. Some fans of Smith's work want to see another Arkham game; others want to see a new Sonic game. Both series are ripe for a trailer reveal at the Game Awards, and both series have dropped hints that something new is coming. In September, a tweet from WB Games Montreal had Arkham fans speculating the next game isn't too far off, and it'll pit Batman against supervillain Ra's al Ghul or the organized crime group called the Court of Owls. In Sega's corner, Sonic fans are wondering if Smith's tweet has something to do with the official remix Sega recently posted of Sonic Adventure's "Welcome to Station Square." Is a remake of 1998's Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast in the works?

Try not to lose too much sleep over it, since all will be revealed at the Game Awards tonight. Here's where you can watch the Awards, and an analysis of what we might see. Remember to keep an eye on USG and our Twitter feed for up-to-the-moment coverage of any reveals—including any of the Batman and/or Sonic variety.

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