NPD: More Games Came to the Switch in 2019 Than PS4 and Xbox Combined

NPD: More Games Came to the Switch in 2019 Than PS4 and Xbox Combined

It's starting to highlight a discovery issue.

It's not surprising that the Nintendo Switch saw notable growth in 2019, given it's the newest console on the market. But while consoles are one thing, the Nintendo hybrid has seen exponential growth in the number of games coming to the platform.

Mat Piscatella, an analyst with the NPD Group, shared some new figures on Twitter yesterday: the Nintendo Switch got over 1480 new releases in the United States in 2019 alone. As Piscatella notes, this is significantly more than the number of new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games combined.

USgamer's own Mike Williams asked him how close overall dollar sales volume matches that growth, and Piscatella said that while "it's not perfect by any means," release count and overall software sales for a platform are directionally correlated, "to a degree."

To get a sense for how big this stat is for Nintendo, you can simply look back at the Wii, a massively successful console for Nintendo. Even in its first three years, the Switch is dwarfing the Nintendo Wii in new releases.

As Piscatella notes, discoverability can become a challenge with this volume of games. Valve has been introducing new tools just to help Steam users sift through the massive number of releases on its storefront.

The Switch hasn't reached Steam numbers yet, but its discoverability tools still leave much to be desired. I was browsing the eShop last night to check out the latest sale, and it took real digging to find games I might be interested in. Sorting only by best sellers or "great deals" results in a mix of games that often prioritize the dollar games, and genre tags require a bit of digging.

If this is the volume the Nintendo Switch will be operating at for the months and years to come, hopefully the online portion can start to address these issues. The Switch has been a massive seller already for Nintendo, but it risks inviting a few new problems into the fold with how many games are coming to the platform.

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