Obsidian's Small-Scale Survival Game Grounded Hits Early Access in July

Obsidian's Small-Scale Survival Game Grounded Hits Early Access in July

An itsy-bitsy survival game from Obsidian arrives this summer.

During today's Inside Xbox stream, we got some more details about Grounded, Obsidian's upcoming survival game set in a small world. Alongside a new trailer detailing the game's single-player experience, Grounded also got a date of sorts: It's coming to Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access on July 28, 2020.

Waking up in a backyard and shrunk to the size of an ant, the player is guided through Grounded by a robot named "BURG.L," which is definitely not a suspicious name for a robot. Through either solo play or up to four players in co-op, the player tries to survive in their newly shrunken ecosystem and eventually find a way to return to their normal size.

We had the chance to check out Grounded last year, and despite it not being what you'd expect from a well-known RPG studio like Obsidian, it's actually a little cooler than you'd think. Players will have a chance to experience their own Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-sized adventure either through Xbox Game Preview with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Steam Early Access on July 28.

As Grounded heads to the Xbox One and PC, Microsoft is ramping up toward a next-gen launch with its Xbox Series X. The company recently revealed a bevy of technical details about the next-gen Xbox, including a massive amount of teraflops and the actual size of the console.

With both Microsoft and Sony showing their hand on the hardware side of things, the conversation will soon shift to exclusives and first-party games. Grounded is only confirmed for Xbox One and PC at the moment, but it's a show of the massive first-party acquisitions Microsoft has made in recent years, and the potential they have going into a new generation.

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