Octopath Traveler Physical Copies Selling Out Fast Across Multiple Retailers

Octopath Traveler Physical Copies Selling Out Fast Across Multiple Retailers

If you don't have yours yet, hit the trail without delay.

Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch is selling well. Maybe even a little too well if you have your heart set on a physical copy of the game. It seems Nintendo and Square Enix under-estimated demand for the RPG, and actual game cartridges have become scarce.

Square Enix Japan issued an apology for the shortages on Twitter, and suggested people pick up a digital copy of the game instead. Japan's not the only country hungry for Octopath: The game's also sold out on Amazon in the United States and Canada, with Amazon's stateside site suggesting the wait for a new copy might be 1 or 2 months (Square Enix hasn't announced when or if a new shipment of physical copies is coming).

While Square Enix understandably didn't want to over-produce the game, the Octopath shortage is a little curious. Its launch was preceded by two sizeable demos, both of which were well-received. There's a chance Square Enix didn't anticipate the surge of hype that came from the game's reviews (including our own), and the minimal space between Octopath's embargo and launch wasn't enough time to print more copies.

This all sucks a bit if you're looking forward to a physical copy of the game (it's still worth checking other retails, but you should step on it), but there's no shame in downloading Octopath Traveler if you can't secure a bad-tasting Switch cartridge for yourself. Consider yourselves lucky: When I was young and a game sold out at retail, we were SOL until that second printing came through. Also, something something uphill both ways in the snow.

However you choose to play this nifty little RPG, keep our Octopath Traveler guides handy for all the hints and tips you need.

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