Official Charmander ASMR Video is Guaranteed to Get Your Scalp Tingling

Official Charmander ASMR Video is Guaranteed to Get Your Scalp Tingling

I'm as happy as a Charmander snoozing by a campfire.

ASMR—which is short for "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response"—describes the pleasurable, tingling feeling you sometimes get from certain stimuli. YouTube is full of ASMR videos that involve soft whispering or comforting sounds. Even Japan's official Pokemon Company YouTube account wants to get your spine a-tingling with a video of a Charmander slumbering beside a crackling fire.

The video, titled "Charmander's Fireside Slumber," went up yesterday and it's already attracted quite a few viewers/listeners. As the video's title suggests, the little Charmander spends most of the 30 minutes sleeping, though we do see him stretch from time to time like an adorable puppy-lizard. The real draw of the video is the sound of the campfire crackling and popping.

I'm not into most ASMR videos—just the idea of anyone getting close enough to whisper in my ear gives me the willies—but I still think nature-based ASMR videos are nice. I enjoy the sound of the sea, or the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves. I also kind of like the sound of the campfire that's being tended to by this little Charmander friend. I used to camp in the utter wilderness of Ontario, Canada when I was young, and this takes me back to those summer nights. Best of all, this video doesn't include the whine of mosquitoes, which are absolutely a sound that usually dings the pleasant crackling of a real campfire.

Once you're properly rested and relaxed, why not dive back into the sport of catching 'em all? We have a guide that tells you how to get Galarian Slowpoke. Catch him and drag him to the Charmander fire pit.

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