Official Detective Pikachu Deer Stalker Hat is Ridiculously Cute

Official Detective Pikachu Deer Stalker Hat is Ridiculously Cute

Pick up your missing father's trail while looking adorable, or just don't bother at all.

Detective Pikachu doesn't come to theatres until May, but the titular yellow rat isn't about to let the hype trail turn cold. The Pokémon Company is releasing a steady stream of movie-related merchandise between March and the movie's premiere.

The Pokemon Company sent preview pictures of the goods earlier today (thanks, Crunchyroll), and there's everything from Mega Construx sets to hoodies, plushies, and Pokemon cards.

The new Mega Construx sets, which arrive on March 25, include Mr Mime and Pikachu himself. Figurines of Detective Pikachu and Bulbasaur, as well as a plushie of the Detective, arrive in April from Wicked Cool Toys. Noctowl "Fresh Coffee" hoodies and an incredible Detective Pikachu deer stalker hat (it has ears) will be available on The Pokémon Center website in May.

This Mr. Mime set is perfect for when you want to say "I don't particularly like you, kid, but I'm culturally obligated to give you a gift." Image source: Crunchyroll | The Pokemon Company

The hat is Detective Pikachu's most iconic piece of clothing. In fact, it's his only piece of clothing. Still, it's more than what most Pokemon wear. Mr. Mime looks like he wears clothes, but don't be fooled. That white clown suit is just his skin. It can't come off—unless you slice into it really deep. Er, what I'm saying is, that deer stalker hat is very cute, and I'm sure it's going to be a hit at conventions.

Finally, Pokemon cards inspired by Detective Pikachu's amazing-yet-horrifying breed of realistic Pokemon are coming April 5. The cards (there will be 26 in all) offer an excellent up-close look at the Pokemon's fur, scales, and other surface textures. Just in case you forgot movie Greninja has millions of taste buds on its tongue.

"Hey Four-Eyes!" is an insult, but "Hey Four-Ears!" is a compliment. Image source: Crunchyroll | The Pokemon Company

Detective Pikachu comes to theatres on May 10, and we're pumped for it. So far, the trailer has managed to sell its weird-looking world as a believable utopia where humans and Pokémon truly live and work together. That's not an easy thing to do: The backlash against the "realistic" Sonic the Hedgehog movie reminds us crossing the uncanny valley takes incredible finesse.

Let's pray the final cut of the Detective Pikachu is as fun as it looks. The bad Assassin's Creed movie ate Mike's soul, and I'm afraid a bad Detective Pikachu movie might darken my world in a similar manner.

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