Official FFXV Mod Organizer Coming On June 7

Official FFXV Mod Organizer Coming On June 7

Make and share mods for Final Fantasy XV. Nothing too lewd, please (just kidding).

Final Fantasy XV's official Mod Organizer arrives on June 7. The Organizer makes it possible for modders to edit some of Final Fantasy XV's assets—character models, weapons, etc—and share them on Steam. That means you can turn the game's hero, Noctis, into the costumed crow mascot that hangs around the game's greasy diners.

You can do a lot more, obviously. Square-Enix showed off a few of the things the Mod Organizer can do back in April at PAX East. Modders can make and weapons, outfits, and other goodies, then upload them to Steam Workshop. There are rules to follow, though Square-Enix hasn't clarified them yet. I'm going to go on a limb and guess "No nude mods" is rule #1. Too bad for Noctis; I imagine the Regalia's fancy upholstery feels nice against one's bare bum.

Square-Enix also says a level editor is coming later, possibly in the Fall. The editor lets you assemble and share small levels of your own, including custom dungeons and Chocobo race tracks. Square-Enix even showed off a golfing game it put together for Noctis. Move over, fishing.

Mod support is just one more addition to Final Fantasy XV's growing brand. Make sure to take a look at our Final Fantasy XV guide for everything you need to know about the game now and forever.

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