Okami Gets Some Official Promotion in Dota 2

Capcom wants Dota 2 players to have a good dog.

News by Mike Williams, .

If you're busy waiting for Okami HD's upcoming release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, you can enjoy Amaterasu in another game. Capcom has turned everyone's favorite goddess dog thing into a courier in Dota 2. You can vote on the Steam Community page for the character to be officially supported in Dota 2.

It's an intriguing bit of promotion, probably helped by the fact that they can just port Amaterasu's model straight over from Okami to Dota 2. Couriers are support characters that an entire team can use to carry items or buy things from the shop. Basically, Amaterasu could be the good dog your team is looking for.

This isn't the first time developers and publishers have created official assets for Dota 2. Adult Swim Games brought over Rick & Morty character Mr. Meeseeks a few years ago. Coffee Stain Studios also added the goat from Goat Simulator.

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