Okay, I Guess Bubsy is Back

Okay, I Guess Bubsy is Back

Bubsy lives in a new adventure for PS4 and PC.

Bubsy is back. Wait, Bubsy is back? Yeah okay Bubsy's back. In a new announcement from Accolade, the video game developer plans on reviving the 90s video game character in a new game, Bubsy: the Woolies Strike Back.

Announced for PlayStation 4 and Steam, "Bubsy: the Woolies Strike Back is an all new Bubsy adventure featuring Bubsy in a bevy of exotic locations as he travels the planet looking for the beloved Golden Fleece," Accolade announced in a press release. Oh, and also Accolade is back too after shutting down in 2000.

"Accolade returns with classic all new, reimagined games from its vast catalog and brand new franchises that will thrill anyone from 9 to 90 that call themselves a gamer," Accolade added about themselves. "Get ready for the return of iconic games and franchises like Bubsy, Hardball, Slave Zero, Deadlock, Eradicator, Redline and more!"

Bubsy the bobcat hasn't had a proper video game since 1996's Bubsy 3D (not counting 2015's Bubsy collection which re-released the first two Bubsy games). Bubsy 3D's reputation aged pretty poorly to put it lightly, with the game listed as one of the worst 2D to 3D transitions in video game history.

While the first reaction to this news is probably "why?" (ours were) it's kind of interesting to see the classic character revived with the intensity of a bat out of hell. New Bubsy apparently has his own Instagram page and even sat down for an interview with Accolade for the press release where Bubsy waxes philosophy about platformers? It's all very weird and post-modern.

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back is slated for Fall 2017 on PS4 and Steam. Time truly is a flat circle.

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