One-Hit Wonders Celebrates the Mega Man Legacy (By Dying)

One-Hit Wonders Celebrates the Mega Man Legacy (By Dying)

The team takes on Mega Man III's nefarious Snake Man stage. Who will win? Will anybody!?

One-Hit Wonders returns to the fertile loam of the platformer genre for this, its fourth installment. We felt obligated to, really, because this week saw the 3DS (and console retail) debut of the Mega Man Legacy Collection. How could we not partake?

This episode was also by Nadia's request. We've been focusing on all the games she didn't grow up playing, so this time we're taking a journey right into the middle of her comfort zone. Not only did Nadia just review the Legacy Collection for us, she's one of the biggest Mega Man nerds on the Internet!

If you don't believe me, watch her play... and check out all the crazy trivia she drops. She's written an officially licensed book on Mega Man, so we're in the presence of royalty here. Can the plebians of USgamer triumph over Nadia's widsom and experience? Or was this contest over before it started...?

Check out the latest episode, and feel free to post your own attempts at conquering Life Force without dying in the comments! Can you trump our triumph?

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