One-Hit Wonders Returns as We Take on Life Force

One-Hit Wonders Returns as We Take on Life Force

But who can get the furthest without losing a life? Therein lies the rub!

We promised a change of genre for this installment of One-Hit Wonders, and we're as good as our word! We take a break from platformers in favor of a good old-fashioned shoot-em-up: Konami's NES classic Life Force.

Four of us take a swing at things this week: Myself, Nadia, and Kat and Jaz. I group Kat and Jaz together because they've made use of Life Force's cooperative option to play together. There's a little variety in each segment, really — not only do you get a taste of co-op, but the team play happens on Wii U Virtual Console. Meanwhile, Nadia takes a straightforward approach, while I try out the Japanese version of the game.

Unfortunately, my use of an alternate edition disqualifies somewhat, as I had forgotten that the special chip Konami used for the Japanese allowed for some modest gameplay advantages. Alas! Still, it might be interesting for fans of localizations and adaptations to spot the differences between the two editions of the game. Also of note: Our UK expat takes control of the Lord British fighter during the co-op session, which is just perfect. Anyway, have a peep at our efforts with this classic and see who does best! And maybe learn some things about video game history, who knows.

Check out the latest episode, and feel free to post your own attempts at conquering Life Force without dying in the comments! Can you trump our triumph?

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