One of Apex Legends' Most Requested Features is Coming in August, Says EA

One of Apex Legends' Most Requested Features is Coming in August, Says EA

What exactly that is remains to be seen.

Apex Legends has quickly become a staple in Electronic Arts' lineup, and the publisher seems to be content with the success it's seeing. On a quarterly earnings call yesterday, Electronic Arts says Apex sees anywhere from eight to 10 million players a week, and it has some new content in store for the remainder of the year to keep players logging in.

During the call, both EA CEO Andrew Wilson and CFO Blake Jorgensen seemed confident in what Apex Legends has done so far, and where it's going. The multi-million login number is certainly a stark contrast from naysayers, though season two made some great strides to fix what wasn't working.

Now, EA seems to be looking ahead to what's next, which will include an update and event sometime in August, saying more content will come in the quarter with a "major event in mid-August." Season three is then expected to start next quarter, or late fall and into December.

It sounds like the coming update will bring a fan-desired feature to Apex. "The event coming in the next few weeks will bring new content and deliver one of the most fan-requested features since the launch of Apex," Wilson says, though he doesn't specify what feature that would be. Cross-play is certainly on the table, but maybe, just maybe, it could be Titans. Let me dream!

Both Apex Legends and The Sims 4 contributed to a sizeable growth in its live services, so it's no surprise EA is happy to get behind it. CFO Jorgensen reiterated the support EA had ready and willing to back up Respawn whenever it needs it, and Wilson also mentioned talks of bringing Apex Legends to China, as well as mobile. Alongside some smart changes made with season two, like matching cheaters and spammers against each other, Apex has found a comfortable spot in the EA stable of games. Where it goes next will be interesting to see.

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