Onrush Will Hopefully be the Motorstorm Successor We Need When it Lands in June

Does the world need more Motorstorm? We'll know this summer.

News by Kat Bailey, .

Onrush will officially be releasing on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 5, Codemasters revealed earlier today. And it must be said: It looks like everything we've been missing since Motorstorm went on hiatus back in 2012.

In addition to the release date, Codemasters dropped a new trailer that calls back to the classic PS3 racer. It features flying buggies, dirt bikes, rocket fuel, and lots of mud. Because what's offroad racing without mud?

Motorstorm, of course, was a graphical showcase racer for the PlayStation 3. It was notable for its outstanding environmental graphics and arcade offroad racing; and much like Forza Horzizon now, it filled a badly needed hole in Sony's exclusives lineup.

Since Motorstorm's demise in 2012, we've had comparatively little like it. Forza Horizon 3 stepped up with some pretty enjoyable offroad racing of its own, but with a slightly more realistic bent. Onrush aims to step more firmly into Motorstorm's shoes.

Naturally, Onrush's team includes developers from the now-defunct Motorstorm developer Evolution Studios, which also developed the troubled Driveclub. Evolution Studios closed its doors in early 2016.

In addition to the console versions, Codemasters also confirmed in a separate post that a PC version of Onrush is on the way. No Switch version, though. While Codemasters is a "big fan" of Nintendo's console, it's sticking with the living room for now.

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