Original Resident Evil 2 N64 Port Developers are Livestreaming the Remake and Sharing War Stories

Listen to some interesting details from the N64 porting process.

The original developers behind the Nintendo 64 port of Resident Evil 2 are livestreaming the 2019 remake and sharing stories from the original port development. The livestream is currently underway on Twitch.

In 1999 Capcom tapped Angel Studios (which would later become Rockstar San Diego) to port Resident Evil 2 to the Nintendo 64. The task was quite arduous as the Nintendo 64 didn't have the same kind of storage capabilities as the PlayStation 1. But Angel Studios utilized a variety of compression techniques to not only port Resident Evil 2, but add features like alternate costumes, and an item randomizer that changed the location of the items in the map. The developers revealed that they had to use every single bit of space available cartridge to get Resident Evil 2 running.

Watch live video from GermInUSA on www.twitch.tv

The ex-Angel Studios developers participating on the Resident Evil 2 stream are sharing in-depth details about the porting process on both camera and in the Twitch comments. So, if you're interested in retro porting development, or PS1 to N64 conversion, the livestream is very much worth listening to.

Resident Evil 2's latest remake was recently released to rave reviews. The new update changes up the original 1998 survival horror game in even more ways, modernizing nearly every aspect of Resident Evil 2 for the modern console era. Check out our Resident Evil 2 guide for walkthroughs, tips, and secrets.

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