Other Nintendo Characters That Need to Show Up in Skylanders SuperChargers

Other Nintendo Characters That Need to Show Up in Skylanders SuperChargers

Bowser and Donkey Kong are a good start, but let's throw open the gates and let the universes merge.

One surprise to come from Nintendo's E3 2015 presentation was the news that it'd be teaming up with Activision to bring Amiibo functionality to Skylanders SuperChargers. Only a selection of Nintendo characters will cross dimensions, however, including Bowser and Donkey Kong.

Is that all Nintendo and Activision can offer us, though? For shame. We've whipped up a list of Nintendo characters that would be right at home bashing stuff and driving recklessly through Activision's popular toys-to-life franchise.

[Bowser Jr. | Vehicle: Little Clown Cruiser]

Bowser's sole legitimate heir doesn't have a lot of fans, but it's pretty clear he's not about to depart the Super Mario mythos. What's more, he's rarely far behind whenever dear ol' dad pokes his ugly mug into Mario's business. So it's not a stretch to imagine he'd be a good fit for a game like Skylanders SuperChargers.

But what would the little Koopa prince drive in Activision's action / platforming game? Well, Junior tends to follow in his father's footsteps, so we imagine he might have a smaller version of the Clown Cruiser Bowser drives in SuperChargers. It'd be very cute, but don't say that to Junior's face. He's very fierce and scary, you know.

[The Koopalings | Vehicles: Air Ships]

There's a chain of command in the Koopa family that begins with Bowser and ends with the lowliest Goomba. Somewhere in the middle are the Koopalings, who have become a common sight in the Super Mario series after their long hiatus following Super Mario World.

Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig would all make epic Amiibo, which is one reason to put them in SuperChargers. Another reason is because these little Koopa brats were the original lords of Super Mario's airship armada, which would make for a pretty amazing war vehicle in Activision's universe.

[Ganon Vehicle: A Chariot Pulled by a Clockwork Gleeok]

The bestial steward of the Triforce of Power would be right at home next to the animalistic warriors populating the Skylanders franchise. Nothing can stand up to his trident, barring scurrying Heroes of Time outfitted in green tunics.

As for Ganon's vehicle, the pig-king would do well piloting a regal war-chariot pulled by the great three-headed dragon Gleeok. Since the vehicles in Skylanders Superchargers lead towards the mechanical side, perhaps a brass-and-bronze clockwork Gleeok would be more appropriate than the real thing.

[King K Rool | Vehicle: Pirate Ship]

If Donkey Kong is in Skylanders Superchargers, then maybe he ought to be tailed by his rival, King K Rool (of course, Mario is Donkey Kong's original rival, but they've seemingly reconciled over that Pauline incident). The King of the Kremlings could swagger across the battlefield, armed with his oversized blunderbuss and his chutzpah.

When it's time to move quickly, K Rool could jump into the pirate ship that became iconic in the first Donkey Kong Country game. The ship would have to be modified for land and air travel, but that's nothing that can't be accomplished by a thousand Kremlings and many, many sleepless nights.

[Isabelle | Vehicle: City Tripper]

Maybe Isabelle is too sweet and fragile to endure a battleground, even in a candy-colored war like Skylanders SuperChargers'. Or maybe under that shih tzu topknot there lies the bloodlust of a canine warrior.

Either way, we think this mild-mannered politician from the Animal Crossing universe deserves the chance to physically release the tensions and frustrations she accrues on the job. She could drive a modification of her City Tripper vehicle from Mario Kart 8.

[King Dedede | Vehicle: Warp Star]

We already know the penguin king from Planet Popstar is a fighter -- and a pretty proficient one, at that. He doesn't miss often with that big hammer of his, and he'd have no problem going on the offensive in Skylanders SuperChargers.

In Kirby's Air Ride for GameCube, Dedede pilots a modified Wheelie enemy. That might work as his ride in SuperChargers. Another option is a Warp Star, though said Star would admittedly look kind of funny cartwheeling on the ground as Dedede holds on for dear life.

[Yoshi | Vehicle: Morphs Into His Own Vehicle]

Mario's reptilian pal and once-nanny is a biological marvel, and it's about time we celebrated every facet of his abilities. Yoshi can snag and swallow all kinds of threats -- even enemies that tower over him -- which would surely be handy in the hostile world of Skylanders SuperChargers.

But what about Yoshi's under-utilized talent for transforming into actual vehicles? He can turn into a car, a helicopter, and a tank, just to name a few. Out of all the characters on this list, Yoshi may well be most at home in the SuperChargers universe.

[Birdo | Vehicle: Autobomb]

The egg-spitting star of Super Mario Bros 2 has since crossed over into the larger Mario universe, and she's probably capable of holding her own in a skirmish. Birdo could be an effective long-distance attacker thanks to her egg projectiles, though he could also opt for a little extra firepower with her own SuperChargers vehicle: The Autobomb.

For those short of memory, the Autobomb is a rolling cannon from Super Mario Bros 2. It was dangerous, of course, but it could also double as quick and efficient transportation across dangerous terrain. No doubt Birdo could make use of this two-sided ally.

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