Outer Wilds Black Hole Forge: How to Get to The Hanging City and Raise the Black Hole Forge

Outer Wilds Black Hole Forge: How to Get to The Hanging City and Raise the Black Hole Forge

The Hanging City is a vast area beneath the surface on Brittle Hollow. Here’s how to get there.

On your quest to locate the Quantum Moon in Outer Wilds, you’ll need to get to the Black Hole Forge. This is not easy to do, as you’ll first need to head to The Hanging City to raise the forge, before warping in from another planet entirely. To help get you on the right track, we’ve put together this Outer Wilds Black Hole Forge Walkthrough. We’ll take a look at how to reach the Hanging City, how to raise the Black Hole Forge, and how to warp there from the Ash Twin.

How to get to the Black Hole Forge in Outer Wilds

Getting to the Black Hole Forge in Outer Wilds is a real nightmare. There are several steps that must all be activated before the sun explodes, though with our help it shouldn’t be an issue. Here’s how to get to the Black Hole Forge in Outer Wilds:

  • Head to the Hanging City (see below)
  • Raise the Forge using the switch in the Meltwater area.
  • Head back to your ship and fly to the Ash Twin.
  • Look for the tower containing the warp portal to the Forge.
  • Enter the Forge and learn the secrets within.

How to Get to the Hanging City in Outer Wilds

Let’s start off by getting to the Hanging City. You’ll want to fly off towards Brittle Hollow, and land near the Escape Pod.

Now, head through the Escape Pod, blow out the back door and make your way down the wooden steps below. You can check out these steps in the image below:

Continue onwards and head left once you get inside the city. You’ll see a bunch of grav-crystals on the ceiling leading to where you’re going. Climb onto this grav path and make your way across.

Carry on down the path until you can drop down into the building ahead. You’re now in the Hanging City!

How to Raise the Black Hole Forge in Outer Wilds

You’ll be able to head out and towards two tower areas here. Check out the signs ahead and head for the symbol for Meltwater. You can walk up these towers thanks to the grav-flooring.

Once you reach the meltwater floor, head down into the room below. There is a switch here that will raise the Black Hole Forge. Trigger it by pulling the ball to the bottom of the switch.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to head back to your ship. There’s a quick path up through the Meltwater floor.

Outer Wilds: How to Get to the Black Hole Forge From Ash Twin

Now that the Forge is in place, you’ll need to get there. There are actually two ways to do this. The first is to fly up towards the forge, essentially crashing your ship into the grav flooring. This is not recommended. Instead, we think you should fly to the Ash Twin. Wait for the Ash to be pulled away by the cyclone, until you can enter the tower shown below:

Inside you’ll see a grav crystal path leading down towards a warp portal. Head down this path and then g around the corner. You’ll be stood on a warp platform here. Look down through this viewing hole and wait for Brittle Hollow to pass by. You’ll automatically warp into the Black Hole Forge area.

All that’s left to do now is go into the Black Hole Forge. You can access it no that you’ve lowered the platform.

So What’s Inside the Black Hole Forge?

You need to get into the Black HoleForge to learn about the High Energy Station. This should be your next priority, so it’s off to Ember Twin for you.

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