Outer Wilds Eye of the Universe - How to Reach the Eye of the Universe

Outer Wilds Eye of the Universe - How to Reach the Eye of the Universe

To reach the end of Outer Wilds, you’ll need to find the Eye of the Universe. Here’s how.

Outer Wilds offers up a bite size space adventure for players to explore. There are a handful of small planets to search, each hiding vital info for the search for the Eye of the Universe. The Eye is the ultimate goal in Outer Wilds, though getting there is a real nightmare. In this Outer Wilds Eye of Universe Guide, we’ll show you how to get to the Eye of the Universe, and what you can do once you’re there.

How to Get to the Eye of the Universe in Outer Wilds

The Eye of the Universe is a mysterious place that is somehow older than the universe itself. It’s where the Nomai have been aiming to visit, and isn’t exactly easy to get to. You’ll need to follow these steps to get to the Eye of the Universe in Outer Wilds:

  • Head to the Ash Twin Core to grab the Advanced Warp Core (Read more in our Outer Wilds Ash Twin Guide)
  • Make sure you have the Eye of the Universe coordinates from the Orbital Probe Tracking Module hidden at the core of Giants Deep (Read more in our Outer Wilds Giants Deep Guide)
  • Now, head to the Vessel on Dark Bramble (For the exact location of the Vessel, head to our Outer Wilds Vessel Guide)
  • Now, insert the Advanced Warp Core into the Vessel.
  • Solve the puzzle as outlined in the Probe Tracking Module. (we’ve included an image of the solution below.
  • Activate the warp portal.
  • Once at the Eye of the Universe, activate the portal on the opposite side.
  • You are now standing at the Eye of the Universe.

Outer Wilds: What is the Eye of the Universe?

The Eye of the Universe appears to be a planet with a very deep orbit around the game’s star system. It is older than the universe itself, which is what prompted the Nomai to seek it out so aggressively. Unfortunately, they perished before they could make it to the Eye, meaning that you, weary traveller, are the first to set foot on it. This is confirmed later on by the statue in the Observatory on Timber Hearth.

Outer Wilds Eye of the Universe Ending

The true ending for Outer Wilds is one in which you meet up with all of the adventurers you’ve met along the way, and play a song with them around the campfire. It stands to reason, that each of them also managed to reach the Eye at some point, though a post-credits scene involving a huge, universe forming explosion does muddle things a bit. Do you have a theory for what happens at the end of Outer Wilds? Let us know in the comments.

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