Outer Wilds Ghost Matter: How to Detect and Avoid Ghost Matter

Outer Wilds Ghost Matter: How to Detect and Avoid Ghost Matter

Ghost Matter means instant death in Outer Wilds. Here’s what you need to know.

While out exploring in Outer Wilds, you may be greeted by a rather sinister sounding message: ‘Ghost Matter Detected’. This is enough to send any space adventure running back to their ship, but if you know what you’re dealing with it’s a perfectly simple situation to navigate. To make sure you are able to get past any Ghost Matter you come across in Outer Wilds, we’ve put together this Outer Wilds Ghost Matter Guide. We’ll explain how to detect and avoid Ghost Matter, and also give you some background info on what the heck it is exactly.

Outer Wilds Ghost Matter

You’ll be alerted to the presence of nearby Ghost Matter automatically, as long as you’re wearing your space suit. Problem is, it’s invisible to the naked eye, though there is a way for you to check where it is. You can actually use the scout camera to take pictures of the area, and any Ghost Matter will show up as a ghostly green glow. We’ve included an image of Ghost Matter below:

How to Avoid Ghost Matter in Outer Wilds

Now that you know how to detect Ghost Matter and check where it is, it should be pretty easy to avoid. All you need to do is move around it, either by using your jetpack or an alternate route. You cannot survive by running through it, so don’t even try it.

Learn about Ghost Matter at Timber Hearth | jake Green/USG

Outer Wilds: What is Ghost Matter?

Ghost Matter is quite possibly the most mysterious phenomenon in Outer Wilds. Not much is known about it, and it is simply described as ‘a strange and impossibly cold substance that’s invisible to the naked eye’. One thing is for sure, it’ll kill you if you touch it. You’ll die within a couple of seconds, even in your space suit, so it is best to leave it alone.

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