Outer Wilds Giants Deep - How to Get to the Giants Deep Core

Outer Wilds Giants Deep - How to Get to the Giants Deep Core

Giants Deep is one hell of an inhospitable planet. Here’s how to find its core.

One of the storylines in Outer Wilds has you tracking down the wreckage of the orbital satellite located above Giants Deep. You see, the thing explodes at the start of each time loop, and you’ll need to head to the core of Giants Deep to get to it. You’ll want to do so too, as you’ll be able to learn the location of the elusive Wandering Eye. In this Outer Wilds Giants Deep Walkthrough, we’ll be taking a look at how to get down to the Giants Deep Core, using the tornadoes and jellyfish found on the planet.

How to Reach Giants Deep’s Core in Outer Wilds

While exploring the Observatory in Brittle Hollow, you’ll learn of a special trick regarding the tornadoes on Giants Deep. The majority of tornadoes will send you skyward, while one will blast you past the current beneath the waves. To pick the right one, note the direction that each one is spinning. There will be one spinning in the opposite direction to the rest. Ram your ship into it to be transported down below.

Outer Wilds Giants Deep Core - How to Use the Jellyfish to Get Past the Electricity

Your next obstacle will be the electricity field around the core. Hitting it will short out your power supply and might even blow your reactor. Since a patch that was introduced in June 2019, you can no longer use your ship to get into the jellyfish. You need to exit your ship first and then position yourself below the jellyfish. Fly upwards towards its head cavity. The Jellyfish will then begin to fall. It will insulate you from the core.

Outer Wilds Probe Tracking Module

For your efforts, you’ll gain access to the Probe Tracking Module. This is related to the probe that the Nomai sent out to find the Wandering Eye. You’ll be able to learn its location using the equipment inside the tracking module.

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