Outer Wilds Observatory Walkthrough - How to Get to the Brittle Hollow Observatory

Outer Wilds Observatory Walkthrough - How to Get to the Brittle Hollow Observatory

There’s an observatory on the southern pole of Brittle Hollow. Here’s how to get into it.

Most of your time in Outer Wilds will be spent tracking down hints as to what happened to the Nomai people. Often, the Nomai buildings will be sealed up tight, as is the case for the Brittle Hollow Observatory. Getting there is very tricky indeed, as you’ll need to head down into the cave system below the crust. To help you get there in one piece, we’ve put together this Outer Wilds Brittle Hollow Observatory Walkthrough. We’ll explain how to get to the Observatory in Outer Wilds, and what you’ll find when you do.

Outer Wilds Brittle Hollow Observatory

The Observatory on Brittle Hollow must be accessed to learn one part of the Giants Deep secret. It can be found on the southern pole of Brittle Hollow, though it is locked up tight when you get there. Read on to learn how to get inside.

Outer Wilds: How to Get Into the Observatory on Brittle Hollow

Getting into the Observatory on Brittle Hollow is no easy feat, as you’ll need to go in from underneath the outer crust of the planet. First off, you’re going to want to head to Brittle Hollow, and look out for the Tower of Knowledge shown in the image below:

The Tower of Knowledge | Jake Green/USG

Land on the roof and head down the stairs. You’ll come to a grav lift, but keep onwards and down into the chasm. You’re looking for the two blue rings shown below:

Up, up, and away! | Jake Green/USG

Activate the switch, moving the ball up to the top. Hop into the grav beam and make sure to land in the beam on the other side, it will catch you. From here, look up at the wall to find some grav-crystals.

Nearly there...|Jake Green/USG

Keep heading south and you’ll eventually come across the ice wall shown in the image above. There are grav crystals nearby, use them to continue onwards.

Watch out for Ghost Matter here|Jake Green/USG

Now for the tricky bit. There’s actually a wall of Ghost Matter in your way. You’ll need to very carefully boost over and land onto the grav crystals on the other side. We recommend heading to the left of the wall and over. If you lose grip on the gravity crystals, this should give you more time to reorient yourself. Once on the other side, continue along the path.

Home-Stretch|Jake Green/USG

From here it’s just a case of following the lights. You’ll come across a grav-lift eventually, taking you up to the Observatory.

Outer Wilds Observatory Walkthrough

Once you’re inside the Observatory, you’re free to explore. There are no puzzles or tricks in here, so take your time to read everything on the walls and in the scrolls. You’ll learn the secret of Giants Deep (head to our Giants Deep Guide to learn more), meaning you’re one step closer to breaching its crust. You’ll be able to exit via the front door, and can hopefully have enough time to head back to your ship to go over your findings.

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